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    These Islands in the news.

  • Ireland: The Politics of Nomenclature

    Professor Mary Daly of University College Dublin traces the history of the names used for different parts of the island of Ireland over the last century.

  • The Word from the Woods

    In an extract from ‘Oak and Ash and Thorn: The Ancient Woods and New Forests of Britain’, Peter Fiennes tells the story of Britain’s woods in 3,508 words.

  • Why is Britain Called Britain?

    Have you ever wondered how Britain got its name, or why it became ‘Great’? Our latest briefing has the answers.

  • Plural British Identity

    Josh Simons explains why he believes that Britishness may be the most dynamic and critical identity the young today possess. It is an identity that has always looked outward, that has often welcomed others, and one that binds together Britons in the pursuit of common goals.

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