• Why do students from the rest of the UK pay tuition fees in Scotland?

    Students from the EU get free tuition at Scottish universities, but students from the rest of the UK have to pay. Why is this?

  • Union Jack: The Story Behind The Flag

    Capable of arousing conflicting passions at home and known the world over as a symbol of the United Kingdom, the Union Jack is an intricate construction based on the crosses of St George, St Andrew, and St Patrick. In this briefing, Professor Nick Groom traces its long and fascinating past.

  • Indyref2: Much To Do?

    If the UK government does agree to a request this autumn for a second referendum on Scottish independence, when could a vote plausibly happen? The timescales established in preparing for the 2014 vote provide useful precedents.

  • Press Coverage

    These Islands in the news.

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