These Islands relies on a combination of generously donated time from our contributors and private donations.

As funds allow, we aim to increase our activities in these areas:

  • Commissioning and publishing research papers
  • Generating social media content
  • Actively fact-checking the ongoing debate
  • Widening the conversation though events, conferences, and public meetings
  • Commissioning opinion research

Broadly stated, our objectives are three-fold:

  • Be widely respected as the voice of reason in the constitutional debate
  • Be a safe forum for debate that reaches as wide an audience as possible
  • Build a positive case for the UK that recognises our need to evolve and change 

If you would like to support our activities, you can make a donation (using a Paypal account or debit/credit card) by clicking the link below. For further information or to discuss larger donations, please contact us using our Contact Form. All support is greatly appreciated.