• Keeping The Dream Alive

    The Scottish electorate doesn’t want a 2023 referendum, doesn’t support independence, doesn’t know what SNP policies for independence are, and is even less likely to support independence if it means cuts to public spending. Kevin Hague on new polling for These Islands from YouGov.

  • Scottish Renewables: A United Kingdom Success Story

    The greatest risk to Scottish renewables does not come from a Westminster government insufficiently committed to net-zero. It comes from a Holyrood government with one overriding priority: the breakup of the United Kingdom.

  • GERS 2021: A Deep Dive

    The GERS figures show how pooling and sharing works across the United Kingdom, and also reveal some surprising truths about Holyrood spending decisions. Kevin Hague has crunched the 2021 numbers.

  • Focus Groups Report

    These Islands spoke to voters who were No in 2014, Remain in 2016, and are now “indy-curious”.

  • Choose Your Poison: The SNP’s Currency Headache

    In an important new paper, These Islands takes a detailed look at the currency options to be debated at the SNP Spring Conference.

  • These Islands Response to the SNP’s Growth Commission Report

    These Islands detailed response to the SNP’s Sustainable Growth Commission report.